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Family photos out of the Past:

Jim, Teena and boys at Garrott Lake, 1979

 Teena and flowers picked at Umiat


Jim, Teena & 3 boys in the Colville River Delta in 1979.

Teena picking flowers


Helmericks family 1985

 Jim and his girl 

 Family in 1985

Jim and his girl, 1970   

Hot day on the Colville River in 1996

Teena and boys find mammoth tusk in 1985 

Hot day on the Colville River in 1996

     Teena & boys find
      mammoth tusk 1985



Interesting residents of Colville:

 Clyde with Teena and Isaac

 polar bear on Helmericks' porch

Clyde our young caribou
with Teena and Isaac

Bruno, the polar bear lounging on lodge porch out kitchen window


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Tidbits from the museum:

 Greatroom upstairs in Helmericks' lodge

Museum flight wall
Flying birds in museum
mounted by Derek.

The upstairs in the lodge
is full of Teena's plants, artifacts,
memorabilia and museum mounts.


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