Browsing the Golden Plover Museum is a fascinating part of any visitor's time at Colville Village. The museum is always accessible and especially entertaining if severe winter conditions or unpleasant summer weather keeps you from enjoying outdoor activities.

The museum's beginnings can be traced to a young boy's incessant appetite for collecting samples of nature's bountiful treasures. Jim, and later all the family members, developed a propensity for saving interesting keepsakes collected over 50 years of life in the Arctic: ancient bones & tusks, shells, artifacts, plants, mounted birds & animals, etc. Many Eskimo-made items, plus the Helmericks' own Alaskan fur clothing and cold-weather paraphernalia are displayed in the museum.

Not only does the museum contain a large collection of Alaskan items, but also various things from all over the world, (much of this was acquired by Jim's parents during extensive travels throughout the world.) Other people have also contributed various things over the years.

Our son Derek has mounted hundreds of life-like bird displays and many study-skins of both birds and small mammals. Isaac has also contributed mounted specimens to this outstanding and continually growing collection.

What follows is just a small sampling of various displays:

Mounted Birds or Animals

Fossils, Tusks, and Other Things

Muskox rug in Museum Greatroom
Muskox rug in Museum Greatroom
A few mammoth tusks found locally 
Mammoth tusks found locally
 Caribou family shoulder mounts
Caribou family shoulder mounts
mammoth jaw and other ancient bones
Mammoth jaw and other ancient bones
Main museum room - east corner - bird mounts
Bird mounts in main museum room -east corner
artifacts in one of many artifacts drawers
Ruffed Grouse mounted by Isaac
Ruffed Grouse mounted by Isaac
Caribou parka on manikin 
Mannequin in Eskimo caribou clothing
Red-breasted goose family mount by Derek
Red-breasted goose family mounted by Derek
Eskimo doll Native crafts
Eskimo doll..............Native crafts

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