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Golden Plover Guiding Company  is our  main business. It is through this company that we have operated a big game guiding business, lodge accommodations, birding tours, arctic adventure tours, arctic consulting, and a commercial fishing operation.  Some of these enterprises date back as far as 1949, when the Helmericks commercial fishing first started operating.  If you are interested in learning more about the Colville fishing operation, go to the Fishing page.

In the hunting/touring part of the guiding business, we no longer offer Big-Game hunts, but have moved more toward ecotourism.  Since the Colville River Delta is the hottest birding location on the North Slope, we conduct birding, photography, and other environmentally oriented Arctic tours.  These tours are operated under the name
Arctic Alaska Adventures.  Contact us through our email if you are interested in getting our brochure and other information about tours.   



Flying is another important aspect of our operations based out of Colville Village.  Jim pilots our Piper Supercub (PA-18), the "Golden Plover" on tundra tires or skis, and our Cessna 206 on wheels, floats, or wheel-skis.  The planes are an important part of our life here in the Arctic for transporting people and supplies in and out of Colville Village and also for just plain fun flying.

Golden Plover logo

caribou calf

polar bear looking at you

king eider male

muskox bull photographed by Isaac

whitefox in winter


supercub flying

Cessna-206 in flight


Cessna-206 on wheelsCessna-206 on wheels on river ice  

 Cessna-206 on floats - lodge in background
              Cessna-206 on floats



 Supercub with Teena

        "Golden Plover"  
Piper  supercub
      on tundra tires

Golden Plover (supercub) on Arctic Ocean pack-ice

           "Golden Plover"  
Piper  supercub
      on skis


Use of the airplanes is mostly seasonal, with the planes hangered during the dark, coldest months of winter.  Much of Jim's flying is related to environmental research across the North Slope, such as aerial wildlife surveys and support for our birding and photography tours.  He is not only considered one of Alaska's best "bush" pilots, but is also know for his expertise on many aspects of Arctic environment & wildlife plus his superb aerial spotting skills.


 Pilot Jim with Rev. Bill Wartes, Teena's dad Pilot Jim holding door of C-206 for Rev. Bill Wartes, Teena's father. 


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