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We live on wonderful earth...




where Alaska is the 49th state of the United States of America on the North American continent...                   North America, Alaska red

where the North Slope covers a large section of the northern part of Alaska, sloping down from the Brooks Range to the Arctic Ocean...            

               Alaska with North Slope red

                        North slope geography


...where the Colville River is the largest river on the North Slope, at 370 miles long and draining 20,920 square miles of land...

 North Slope - Colville River  Coville River bluffs


 ...where the Colville Delta is the biggest
and most complex river delta on the Arctic Coastal Plain of Alaska, providing high-quality breeding habitats for multiple species of  birds, fish and other wildlife, and a wonderful place for us to live.


 Colvile River Delta The delta is 22 miles deep from the beginning to the face (coastline), and 20 miles across east to west at its maximum width,

...it is where Colville Village, our home, sits on a 4-mile long island named Anachlik Island, with its own large freshwater lake...   

 Colville River Delta - east face   Colville Village in summer  
                                Colville Village

                 Anachlik Island closeup

 ...and   HERE WE ARE!   

Colville lodge - looking east
Colville Lodge and Jim & Teena's home



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