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to our website!

This is the personal site of
a unique family living at the
edge of the Arctic Ocean in
northern Alaska...

Jim and Teena Helmericks
and their children.

Helmericks Family at Colville Village in 1992

Family in 1992

Jim and Teena outdoors Jim and Teena

Jim and Teena


*ALERT* added in 2010: This website was originally built in the mid-1990's, so much of what is described herewith is historical information.  As you will see as you read or browse the site, there have been many interesting updates added along the way, but keep in mind that Jim and Teena have been the only permanent residents of Colville Village for a number of years now, plus they are virtually retired from most of the business ventures described in this website.  The guiding and tour businesses, Golden Plover Air taxi service, and our commercial fishing no longer operate.  The lodge is only open now to a very limited clientele.

Jim and Teena live on an island at the mouth of the Colville River Delta, on the northern coast of Alaska. The family homesite is called Colville Village and sits about 160 miles southeast of Barrow, the northern most point of the United States, and 200 miles west of the Alaska/Canadian border. (See Maps page).

Although growing up in different areas on the North Slope of Alaska, Jim and Teena have known each other since childhood, and life in the Arctic has been as natural as breathing for them both. Marriage in 1970 found them home-making on the edge of the Arctic Ocean, far from any other settlements --- true "bush" living, as Alaskans like to call it. (See the History page for further background.)

Jim and Teena have four sons, Derek, Jay, Isaac, and Aaron, who were raised and home-schooled at Colville Village, and are third generation residents of this unique site. (See the Our Kids page.) The boys grew up learning to appreciate and respect the land that provides for us and to contribute to the family guiding, fishing, and bush flying businesses. (See Our Work )

The land sustains us! The surrounding countryside provides the basis for our livelihood and survival. Our guiding, fishing, and flying businesses exist because of our ability to access the wealth of our environment. Much of our food comes from the land, such as the fish, caribou or muskoxen meat we depend upon. The hunting and gathering lifestyle is our way of life, and we love our life on the edge of the Arctic Ocean!

If you're interested in reading annual family newsletters from past years, visit our Newsletters page.

Boys home at the Colville with Mom and Dad - August 2002. (Jay not in photo)

Jim and Teena and 3 boys, 8-2002
Isaac, Jim & Teena, Aaron, Derek


News Alerts: 

**    January, 2017

New newsletter, Colville Update 2016, is now available on "Newsletters" page.

**    December, 2015

New newsletter, Colville Update 2015, is now available on "Newsletters" page.

**    December, 2014

New newsletter, Colville Update 2014, is now available on "Newsletters" page.

**    January, 2014

New newsletter, Colville Update 2013, is now available on "Newsletters" page. This is something new, a photo essay.

**    January, 2013

Please note there has been a change in Jim's photography website address. It is now:

**    December, 2012

New newsletter, Colville Update 2012, is now available on "Newsletters" page.

**    December, 2011

New newsletter, Colville Update 2011, is now available on "Newsletters" page.

**    November 24, 2011

New family member born to Isaac and Crystal on Thanksgiving Day - a most wonderful gift from God for which we are so thankful.

Danian at 6 hours old Danian just 6 hours old.

 Danian James few days old
              HI EVERYONE

Rhia kisses little brother

My sister Rhianna loves me.

**    May 22, 2010

New newsletter, Colville Update 2010, is now available on "Newsletters" page.

**    May 15, 2009

New newsletter, Colville Update 2009, is now available on "Newsletters" page.

**    February 14, 2009

Jim finally got a website started where you can view many of his terrific photographs.  It's called Golden Plover Photography, and he is adding more pictures all the time to expand the collection.  Various sized  prints plus other photo items may be purchased there.  Click on the name above or put this address in your browser: "http://goldenplover.zenfolio.com" to access the site.

Jim also has a new birding and nature blog that you may find interesting.  Arctic Smoke Signals can be accessed at http://kingeider.blogspot.com, or click on above name.

**    November 16, 2008

Isaac and Crystal presented the family with a new member late evening on November 16th.
Rhianna Belle weighed in at 6 lbs. 10 oz, and was 20 inches long. 
See details on the "Our Kids" page.

Rhianna Belle

**    June 1, 2008

New newsletter, Colville Update 2008, now available on "Newsletters" page.

**    August 12, 2007

Aaron married Autumn Botts in a beautiful outdoor ceremony held just outside Anchorage, Alaska on August 12, 2007.


More pictures to follow soon.

**    June 9, 2007

New newsletter, Colville Update 2007, now available on "Newsletters" page.

**    February 10, 2007

New content added to the "Our Kids" page.

**     May 10, 2006

Elisha Peace has arrived!  Born May 7, 2006, weighing 8 lbs. 14 oz, and 21.5 inches long.  See details on the "Our Kids" page.

**     April 22, 2006

New newsletter, Colville Update 2006, now available on "Newsletters" page.

**     May, 2005

New newsletter, Colville Update 2005, now available on "Newsletters" page.

**     August, 2004

The entire Jim and Teena Helmericks family converged at Colville Village the second week of August for a grand get-together.  Grandparents Jim and Teena especially delighted in meeting their newest member of the clan for the first time, Melody Hope.  Below is a picture taken by the edge of our lake on a balmy Arctic August day.

Helmericks Family home on the Colville
Derek, Beth,Crystal, Isaac, Amy, Jay, Melody, Natasha,Teena, Aaron, Jim

**     July, 2004

Melody Hope joined the Helmericks family on
June 28th.  See details on the "Our Kids" page

**     May, 2004

New newsletter, Colville Update 2004, now available on "Newsletters" page.

**     January, 2003

Natasha Joy joined the Helmericks family on January 11th.  See details on the "Our Kids" page.


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Additional information and photos will be added to this website as time goes on, so check the current update to see if more has been added since your last visit:

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